Week 3 or how to MKE from the Hospital.

Well it’s Tuesday at noon and I am finally back home. I was hospitalized for almost a whole week with a long term illness. This blog is not about my illness rather to the contrary what you can do if it’s important.

I knew i could go to the webinar on my phone it just looks different and i had been doing my reading when my consciousness was not being challenged by I.V. medications. The “do it now” was silent this week but even it was still there.

So Sunday my attending physician came in to my room about an hour into class. She stopped and listened and after about 5 minutes I was sure Mark had put her in a trance. I said “Dr. Lee is everything ok?” she looked at me and said “your labs are back and it looks great. who or what are you listening to? So I told her, I explained what the Master Keys are and I sent her to Marks website so she could check it out.

Later that afternoon I was doing my sit on my hospital bed when a CNA came in and was doing busy work and I had a pure observer moment. I opened my eyes and despite her back being to me i could just see the frustration pouring off of her so i said “excuse me.” she turned around a pasted a quick smile on her face. I asked her to come over and held out my hands. She approached me and put her hands in mine and I said “Thank you so much for taking care of us, I appreciate you being here and the work that you do.” and I let her hands go and the real smile crept across her face she said thank you and moved on with her day. She came back at the end of shift and told me that I had completely changed her day.

It’s scary I don’t think i know who i am anymore or rather is this who i always was, but was told this was the part that would get crushed by the world. I am doing things I have not done in years and I can tell you it has been a lifetime since i cared for anyone besides blood relatives.

I Hope the world is changing for all of you, be afraid a little fear is good.

Until next week, Peace.

5 thoughts on “Week 3 or how to MKE from the Hospital.

  1. That is your authentic self!!! You changed the CNA’s day and from reading your blog, you have changed my day!!! Thank you for sharing!!! You are changing the world!!!


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